Choosing Ductless Air Conditioners And Making Best Use Of Them

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Published: 08th December 2010
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There are many styles of ductless air conditioners to choose from, 200 BTU's and up for residential, commercial sizes being much larger 7500 to 14,000 BTU's. Depending upon your specific home needs, you can select the traditional window air conditioning unit that fits into a sash type window. Also available are the type that sits inside a room as a single unit and is vented outside through a window using a vent kit specifically for this purpose.

Other types are those that fit on a wall, just like your flat screen television, being vented outside through the wall. Some are like the ones you see many times in hotel rooms, placed under the window and vented outside through the wall. When looking for your room cooling unit, check out the free standing kind. No venting needed at all. This does away with open-window-security issues sometimes mentioned by consumers wanting to replace the traditional window air conditioner.

The smaller room units use ice and water to provide the cooling effect desired. This is sometimes referred to as the "oasis theory", cooling one room to be in your comfort zone while closing off the rest. This is especially useful in the home without ducted air conditioning.

Commercially, the units are much larger and able to be used in restaurant kitchens for additional cooling, server rooms, warehouses, stores and offices. If one was working as a cook in a restaurant kitchen, it would be so much more comfortable with a portable unit to cool the kitchen without raising the power bill exorbitantly.

Another place these units are used commercially is in server rooms, to keep the equipment cool and at their optimal comfort zone. They are vented through ceilings or windows, eliminating duct work installation as well. A happy consumer wants his internet access available at all times and not crashing due to excessive heat in the server room.

Recreation vehicles frequently take advantage of ductless air conditioning as well, sparing the battery power and cooling down the inside by twelve degrees in one room. It can also work the same way in mobile homes that are being pulled by a truck or car.

Some folks have small vacation homes or cabins in the wilderness. These homes can use a cooling system such as this. No need, then, to go to the expense of full ducted central air to be used just a few weeks out of the year. Some models even provide options for heat, humidifier and Ionic air purifier too. That is one unit for all needs. You can't beat that for convenience and comfort. One more idea for the use of these items of cooling is in a tightly sealed camp tent, if you have a power source nearby. Unorthodox, you might say, but camping doesn't have to be totally uncomfortable.

If considering remodeling of your home or vacation home, keep in mind the cost of ducting a heat pump for heat and cooling as compared to one of the many models of ductless air conditioners. Keeping cool at a nominal cost for installation and operation is the aim of these systems.

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