How To Start Collecting Sports Memorabilia Like Ken Griffey Jr Cleats

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Published: 13th December 2010
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Throughout the past thirty years, collecting, selling, and buying memorabilia related to sports has become quite the lucrative hobby. Items like home run baseballs, autographed equipment, and baseball cards are all really collectible and sought after. Memorabilia that is specific to a certain player, such as Ken Griffey Jr shoes and cleats are valuable but may take more effort and time to track them down.

Sports stores are great places to find baseball memorabilia. They even sometimes carry signed equipment, such as baseball cleats, and other items as well. Check your local directory for shops that are exclusive to baseball and try to establish a relationship with the owner, as he'll be able to contact you if items like Ken Griffey Jr's shoes come into his store.

If there is a baseball convention taking place near your city, be sure that you take full advantage of it. They are often very large and filed with both knowledgeable sellers and baseball players themselves. The sports exhibitions are great places for any collector to purchase items and learn about others.

As Ken Griffey Jr cleats and shoes are such specific items, obtaining them at expos and local shops may be difficult. Many dedicated collectors find that purchasing the items is easier at online sites and auctions. At live auctions and estate sales, you'll be likely to come across collectibles which are very desirable, especially if the sale is related baseball objects and memorabilia.

By purchasing the baseball cleats and shoes over the internet, you'll have even more success. Typing "Ken Griffey Jr cleats" into a reputable search engine will allow to find a number of different sellers. You could also participate in online auctions in order to find and purchase what you are looking for.

These options are very effective but sometimes, going straight to the source when it comes to buying baseball memorabilia will lead to more success. Appealing to the baseball cleats owner himself is also a great idea. Keep in mind, though, that he is a busy man and don't get too discouraged if, when you write to him, you don't receive your items. Track him so that you can ask him to personally autograph something the next time he is in your town.

As a general rule of thumb, never purchase anything, whether it be from a shop or auction, until you have determined its price and worth. Most baseball memorabilia shops price their items a little high but should still be relevant to the object's worth. To make sure you don't get a bad deal or a worthless object, always consult pricing books and third party appraisals. It's also a good idea to only buy collectibles that come with identifying certificates or papers.

Protecting your memorabilia should be just as crucial as adding to it. Preserve the Griffey Jr cleats and gear by putting them in plastic bags and cases. If you own authenticating documents that relate to the cleats, like an image of Ken Griffey Jr playing in them, be sure to keep them together.

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